In Skies (2010–), I have captured vertical perspectives from the center of apartment house courtyards, directing the gaze upwards to the empty sky. The images establish a dialogue between man’s two homes, earth and sky, as well as time and timeless, décor and void, frame and center, finite and infinite, closed and open, many and one. The variety of bright white hollow skyscapes, outlined by the silhouettes of the roofs, may be viewed as an unintended system of geometric shapes, a suprematist visual grammar. My work is a tribute to Theaters by Hiroshi Sugimoto, and the skyspaces of James Turrell.

Awarded Prix Lucien Hervé et Rodolf Hervé, Paris, 2010

“In the spirit of Constructivism and the Bauhaus, in the wake of Rodtchenko, Moholy-Nagy, Kepes, Kertesz and even Lucien Hervé, he [Akos Czigany] devotes himself to bestowing on his photographs their primary meaning, namely ‘writing with light’, an approach both conceptual and documentary, compositions with purified lines, in majestic black and white, resulting in images that merge serenity and drama, suspended time, light and space.”

– Gilles de Bure, art critic